Tracheostomy Products and Accessories

At Marpac, we design all of our tracheostomy collars and tracheostomy accessories to be simple to use for caretakers while remaining comfortable to the patient.

Tracheostomy Collars

Our tracheostomy collars are made to suit a variety of different situations and include the following:

Please consult our tracheostomy collar selection guide for more information.

Customized Solutions

If you have a patient with special needs, we can create a tracheostomy collar to fit their requirements.

Our wide range of customization options for tracheostomy collars include:

  • A threaded  collar to allow for adjustments made from the outside of the collar
  • The addition of an elastic section
  • Twill ties for neonatal patients

Contact our sales team or visit our custom order page to find out more about custom trach collars.

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All of our products are manufactured at our facility in the United States so that they can be held to the highest standards of quality through every step of the process. We are committed to providing products that enable better patient care and make the healthcare provider’s job easier.

Please contact us for more information or to place your tracheostomy collar or tracheostomy accessory order.

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