Pediatric Tracheostomy Collars

Pediatric Trach CollarAt Marpac, we understand the needs of pediatric tracheostomy patients, as well as the necessity for quality tracheostomy collars and tracheostomy accessories you can trust.

All of our products are made to the most exacting standards. These standards allow us to provide products that offer safety, durability and comfort, which is especially important when it comes to children, infants and neo-natal patients.

The Benefits of Marpac Collars for Children

Some of the things we know you’ll love about our pediatric tracheostomy collars include:

Skin Friendly

Our tracheostomy collars for pediatric patients are made with soft, pillow-like foam with smooth, sealed edges to keep your little patients comfortable. To make sure that children won’t have to deal with uncomfortable closures, they are made of soft fabric twill or thin VELCRO® Brand with rounded edges that won’t irritate or bite into skin.

*All of our pediatric products are latex-free.

Quick and Secure Application

The VELCRO® Brand fasteners or twill fastener tabs attach quickly and easily to the foam collar, yet are secure and limit movement of the tracheostomy tube to reduce accidental decannulation.

Multiple Sizes

We have pediatric collars for infants (103) and small children (100) as well as an “expand-as-you-grow” option (203) that can be used for neonatal to pediatric patients. Our new 105 collar is slim-design.


If you have hard-to-fit patients, we manufacture custom tracheostomy collars to meet your exact specifications. Next-day shipping is available in most circumstances.


Our pediatric tracheostomy collars are available in white, blue or purple.

235 on child235 2-Piece Comfort Collar: Pediatric Size

  • Designed in cooperation with children’s hospital care providers
  • Built-in cushion material protects the neck from direct contact with plastic tracheostomy flanges
  • Cushion design allows use with both straight and v-style tracheostomy tubes
  • 2-Piece design allows for easy customization to a variety of neck sizes
  • For use by neonatal, infant, and younger pediatric patients

Everything we put into designing and creating our pediatric collars is to maximize the comfort of young patients and provide ease of use for caregivers.

Contact Marpac for Innovative Pediatric Tracheostomy Collars

At Marpac, we build quality into our products through every step of the process. Working closely with respiratory therapists, we manufacture pediatric tracheostomy collars that meet the unique needs of the smallest and youngest of patients. Contact us today to learn more about our pediatric tracheostomy collars or to request a complimentary sample.

Call us at 800-334-6413 to find out more about Marpac tracheostomy products.

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