Marpac Tracheostomy Supplies: Masks

Marpac’s tracheostomy masks are designed with the best interest of both patients and caretakers in mind. They are easy to use, easy to attach and the neckband is skin-friendly.

Some of the key benefits of our tracheostomy masks include:

Tracheostomy Masks

  • Our masks utilize VELCRO® Brand tabs that attach directly to the tracheostomy collar for easy one-handed application.
  • The mask inlet swivels 360° to support tube positioning.
  • Closures are made of soft fabric twill and VELCRO® Brand with rounded edges that will attach anywhere on the foam collar for simple size adjustment, yet won’t rub or bite into the skin of patients.
  • Our tracheostomy masks use a neckband made of the same soft, skin-friendly foam as our tracheostomy collars, not the uncomfortable elastic neck band used with many tracheostomy masks.
  • Our masks come in both adult and pediatric sizes.

Our neckbands greatly reduced skin irritation, skin breakdown and restriction, helping maintain comfort for the patient, while being extremely easy for caretakers to confidently secure.

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All of our tracheostomy supplies are manufactured at our facility in the United States so that they can be held to the highest standards of quality. We are committed to providing products that enable better patient care and make the healthcare provider’s job easier.

If you are looking for trach accessories or supplies, please contact us for more information or to place your order.

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