Tracheostomy Collar Colors

Why Colors?

While white is the preferred color in most medical centers because it allows easily visibility of a variety of secretions, colors for trach collars serve two purposes:

  1. Children, parents and adults that have a trach tube for an extended period of time can get bored of wearing a white collar every day. Colors can add variety and brighten their day.
  2. For a new care provider or parent being trained in tracheostomy care, a trach collar with two white sides can be easily placed inside out, resulting in less VELCRO® Brand fasteners hold and possible skin irritation. Colors make it easier to be sure that the trach tie is not inside-out.

Tracheostomy Collar ColorsOur collar color choices are:

  • White
  • Purple
  • Blue

All of our tracheostomy collars:

  • Are made of soft, pillow-like foam
  • Come with twill or VELCRO® Brand fasteners ties and closures that are skin-friendly and won’t cause harm to skin
  • Come in a one-piece and two-piece design
  • Come in adult, pediatric and bariatric sizes

If you have a patient with special needs, Marpac is the only manufacturer of tracheostomy collars and tracheostomy supplies that will custom make trach collars and have them ready for shipment in one business day.

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