Bariatric Tracheostomy Collars

Tracheostomy Bariatric Collar

Part Name Size
120 One-piece Collar 3″x28″
120S One-piece Collar 2″x24″
220 Two-piece Collar 3″x30″
220S Two-piece Collar 2″x30″

Caring for a bariatric patient with a tracheostomy tube requires a wider and/or longer collar; if you use a collar that is too short or too thin, the collar can break down the patient’s skin and cause wounds. Marpac is the only manufacturer that makes 2” and 3” wide collars with VELCRO® Brand fasteners attachments that allows for trouble-free size adjustment to fit a variety of patients.

Our bariatric collars:

  • Are made of lightweight yet durable pillow-like foam that is comfortable for even the most delicate skin
  • Are designed to create a secure hold for the tracheostomy tube to reduce the chance for accidental decannulation
  • Are available in one and two-piece designs with VELCRO® Brand attachment
  • Have skin-friendly fastener tabs that allow for easy adjustment while reducing painful skin break-down
  • Have fastener tabs that allow for trach tube flange threading before the tube is inserted into the patient’s neck

Our bariatric tracheostomy collars, like all of our products, are made in-house so that we can carefully monitor quality and consistency. Because we make all of our products, we are able to offer full customization for all of our tracheostomy collars to fit the needs of patients.

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