Two-Piece Tracheostomy Collar

Two-Piece Tracheostomy CollarAt Marpac, we provide products that meet the special needs of tracheostomy patients and their care givers. When you use a tracheostomy collar from Marpac, you will have a durable but comfortable product you can rely on to be secure and easy to work with.

As part of our tracheostomy care product line, we offer a number of different and fully customizable tracheostomy collars, including the Two-Piece Tracheostomy Collar.

Some key benefits and features of our Two-Piece Tracheostomy Collar include:

  • Two pieces make the collar adjustable to fit a wide population of patients
  • Made with a sealed soft, pillow-like foam without edges to greatly reduce discomfort and painful skin breakdown
  • Secure table limit movement of the tracheostomy tube, reducing accidental decannulation
  • Fastener tabs quickly and easily attach to the tracheostomy tube
  • Latex-free

The Two-Piece Collar can be cut to fit a wide variety of patients. The adjustable design makes it ideal to use in the ICU or PICU as it will work for almost all patients. Additionally, during trach changes you can thread the trach tube flange with the trach collar before inserting the tube into the patient’s neck; some providers find this method easier to perform.

All of our tracheostomy collars are fully customizable. Because we make them right here in our facility, we can customize any order to fit unique situations. Please contact us to speak with an experienced account manager to learn more about customized trach collars.

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