Marpac Medical Tube Securement Devices: What Quality Means to Us

Marpac builds quality into everything we do. From our ET Tube securement devices to our tracheostomy collars and supplies, you can count on us to deliver medical tube securement products that are safe and comfortable for patients, while being easy to use for caregivers to use.

How We Assure Marpac Quality

We assure the quality of our products in the following ways:

Tube Securement Devices Manufacturing PlantCommitment to Manufacturing our Products In-House

We proudly produce all of our products at our facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This allows us to ensure the highest standard of quality through every phase of production.

Making our products in our own facility also means that we can customize any order to your exact specifications and have it ready to ship within 24 hours (1 business day) in most cases.

Commitment to Enhancing Patient Care

Our products are designed to facilitate ease of use while providing safe securement. Our products use either twill ties or rounded VELCRO® Brand tabs that attach easily to our innovative soft foam neckband and prevent accidental extubation.

Commitment to Enhancing Patient Comfort

Our products are all designed with the comfort of the patient in mind. The neckbands used on all of our devices, including our Vent Circuit Anti-Disconnect Device and tracheostomy collars, are made of soft, pillow-like foam with sealed-edges that help protect against skin breakdown and irritation. Our products are durable and won’t shrink, shred or bleed color.

Our VELCRO® Brand attachments are designed with rounded edges to prevent discomfort. And our ET Tape adhesive is skin-friendly, latex-free and, in some cases, treated with zinc-oxide to prevent skin irritation and breakdown.

Contact Marpac for Your Quality Medical Tube Securement Device Needs

Working closely with respiratory therapists, our products are designed to enable better patient care and make the healthcare provider’s job easier. We are committed to providing quality, innovative products that are reliable and effective.

Please contact us for more information about our ET securement and tracheostomy supplies or to request complimentary samples of our products.

Call us at 800-334-6413 to speak with an experienced account manager.

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