Marpac’s Trach-Aide™: How It Works

Marpac‘s Trach-Aide™ is a non-invasive medical device designed to help properly position and stabilize tracheostomy tubes in tracheostomy patients.

How Trach-Aide Works

Trach-Aide is a pillow-like device made of soft, non-pill, hypoallergenic fleece designed to be used in hospitals and clinics as well as by in-home caretakers. It is positioned under the external portion of the tracheostomy tube and held in place at the base of the patient’s neck by hook and loop straps that attach to our tracheostomy tube holder‘s collar.

Trach-Aide’s soft, flexible design cradles the tracheostomy tube to greatly minimize side to side motion and eliminate almost all instances of downward angulation of the endotracheal portion of the tracheostomy tube. By eliminating movement and downward angulation, Trach-Aide reduces the discomfort associated with endotracheal irritation that can lead to serious complications.

Discomfort-Minimizing Solution

Trach-Aide is an innovative solution that offers patients the overall comfort they seek while providing for easier and more efficient care by care providers. Trach-Aide has been shown to:

  • Decrease irritation
  • Decrease coughing
  • Increase ability to breath and swallow
  • Significantly increase overall comfort

Trach-Aides are disposable, but can be laundered and re-used for up to 30 days for home use. Trach-Aide also attaches easily to our tracheostomy tube holders and other accessories and can be used with most manufacturers’ tracheostomy tube holders and collars.

Innovation in Tracheostomy Accessories for Enhanced Quality of Life

At Marpac, our innovative tracheostomy accessories make the lives of tracheostomy patients and their caretakers easier and more comfortable. Contact us today to speak with a member of our friendly team of sales representatives to order Trach-Aide.

Call us at 800-334-6413 to order Trach-Aide for the comfort and safety of tracheostomy patients.

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