ET Tube Holder & Securement Supplies

When speed matters in emergency situations, Marpac’s ET Securement Devices provide fast, secure attachment for ET tubes. Made in the USA, all of Marpac’s endotracheal supplies, including ET tube accessories, are designed for ease of use while maintaining patient safety and comfort.

Marpac has solutions for all of your needs; we offer several different ET Securement Devices. All of our products are:

  • Latex free
  • Adhesive free
  • Made of cloth or silk
  • Skin friendly
    • No adhesive touches the face
    • Devices are made of lightweight material that is gentle on even the most fragile skin

All Marpac products are made in-house at our facility in the US where quality and standardization can be assured, and include:


Adult and Pediatric Adjustable ET Tube Holders

Marpac’s ET Tube Holders utilize VELCRO® Brand attachments that never come into contact with patients’ skin and are made of soft foam material that is lightweight and skin-friendly. It remains secure without exposing patients to potentially irritating and even damaging adhesive.

The ET Tube Holder allows for easy securement of the ET tube without fear of accidental extubation. It also makes repositioning the ET Tube Holder simple. The ET Tube Holder package includes an optional VELCRO® Brand-attached adjustable head strap.

For cost-effective long term intubation and for patients with sensitive skin, use our adjustable ET tube holder.

ET Tube Holders


325 recommended use with ET Tube sizes 3.5 and up
320 recommended use with ET Tube sizes 5 and up
321 recommended use with ET Tube sizes 5 and up
330 recommended use with ET Tube sizes 5 and up


Adult and Pediatric ET TapeET Securement Devices

The Marpac Adult ET Tape and Pediatric ET Tape offer quick, effective securement of ET tubes in a straightforward one-piece design. Our ET Tape is individually packaged and made of either skin-friendly latex-free cloth or latex-free silk. Our Pediatric ET Tape includes zinc oxide and is hypoallergenic for the comfort of your youngest patients.

Our ET Tape is extremely versatile and can be used for many different taping methods.

For quick, emergency and short term intubation, choose our ET tape.

When you need quality securement products that reduce the risk of extubation and afford quick and easy securement, you need Marpac. Contact us for more information or to place your ET securement device order.

Call us at 800-334-6413 to learn more about Marpac ET securement devices.
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