2-Piece Comfort Collar in Adult and Pediatric Sizes

Marpac offers our 2-piece Comfort Collars in two sizes—adult and pediatric. These collars are designed to secure tracheostomy tubes without compromising patient comfort or hindering caretakers’ performance.

2-Piece Comfort Collar Features

Both the adult (230) and pediatric (235) size Comfort Collars feature:

  • Built-in cushion material that protects the neck from direct contact with plastic tracheostomy tube flanges—a high-risk location for skin injury230-on-Adult-Mannequin-1
  • Cushion design that allows use with both straight and V-style tracheostomy tubes
  • Easily customizable for a variety of neck sizes

The adult size is intended for use by adults, adolescents and larger pediatric patients. The pediatric size was designed in cooperation with children’s hospital care providers and is intended for neonatal, infant and younger pediatric patients.

Comfort Collar for Decreased Pressure Wounds in Pediatric Patients

Tracheotomy-related pressure wounds are a common problem for all patients but even more prevalent among pediatric patients. A recently published study reporting a new wound care regimen—a protocol involving daily neck skin inspection by “a team consisting of a senior level otolaryngology resident or pediatric otolaryngology fellow, certified wound care specialist, respiratory therapist and bedside nurse—implemented by one tertiary-care pediatric hospital concluded that early wound identification and treatment significantly reduced the total number of tracheotomy-related wounds as well as completely eliminated serious (stage 3 or 4) pressure wounds. However, the protocol implemented presents challenges to many institutions because of cost and specialty care provider availability.

This study cited Marpac’s Comfort Collar as a possible cost-effective solution to achieve the same level of wound-prevention using less protective dressing material—reducing both material and labor costs.

McEvoy T, Seim NB, Aljasser A, Elmaraghy CA, Ruth B, Justice L, Begue S, Jatana KR. Prevention of post-operative pediatric tracheostomy wounds: A multidisciplinary team approach. Int J Ped Otorhinolaryngology 97 (2017): 235-9, (EPub ahead of print).

At Marpac, everything we put into designing and creating our pediatric and adult collars is to maximize the comfort and provide ease of use for patients and their caregivers.

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