Trach-Aide™ for Tracheostomy Tube Stabilization

Marpac‘sTrach-Aide™ is a tracheostomy tube stabilizer developed to reduce the difficulties associated with the motion of tracheostomy tubes.

What Is Trach-Aide?marpac

Trach-Aide is a device made of multiple layers of soft, non-pill, hypoallergenic polyester fleece that is placed under the external portion of tracheostomy tubing. Trach-Aide replaces common tracheostomy tube stabilizers such as folded towels and gauze dressing pads.

Why Trach-Aide?

The downward angulation of tracheostomy tubes can cause the endotracheal portion of the tube to impinge on the posterior wall of the trachea, resulting in tracheal trauma. This trauma leads to discomfort and may also cause the development of serious conditions that could require hospitalization.

The support offered by Trach-Aide all but eliminates the downward angulation and movement of the tracheostomy tube, greatly reducing discomfort and trauma.

How Does Trach-Aide Work?

Trach-Aide works by supporting and stabilizing the tracheostomy tubes in tracheostomy patients. This stability offers many benefits, including reduction of coughing and tracheal irritation for increased comfort.

The Trach-Aide attaches easily to the Marpac tracheostomy collar and other brands of tracheostomy tube holders.

Trach-Aide for Patient Comfort and Health from Marpac

At Marpac, we provide for the needs of tracheostomy patients and their caretakers, whether in a hospital or home setting. From state-of-the-art tracheostomy tube holders and collars to the advanced design of our Ventilator Anti-Disconnect device, the Trach-Aide is part of a family of innovative tracheostomy supplies.

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