Trach-Aide™ for Tracheostomy Tube Stabilization


What Is Trach-Aide?™marpac

Trach-AideTM is a non-invasive medical device designed to help properly position and stabilize tracheostomy tubes.  Trach-Aide™ replaces common tracheostomy tube stabilizers such as folded towels and gauze dressing pads.

Why use Trach-Aide?™

The downward angulation of tracheostomy tubes can cause the endotracheal portion of the tube to impinge on the posterior wall of the trachea, resulting in tracheal trauma. This trauma leads to discomfort and may also cause the development of serious conditions that could require hospitalization.

The support offered by Trach-Aide™ all but eliminates the downward angulation and movement of the tracheostomy tube, greatly reducing discomfort and trauma.

Trach-Aide™ is an innovation solution that offers patients the overall comfort they seek while providing for easier and more efficient care by care providers.  Trach-Aide™ has been shown to:

  • Absorb excess moisture and secretions that can cause skin breakdown
  • Decrease irritation
  • Decrease coughing
  • Increase ability to breath and swallow
  • Significiantly increase overall comfort

Trach-Aide™ is disposable, but can be laundered and re-used for up to 30 days for home use.  Trach-Aide™ also attaches easily to our tracheostomy tube holders and other accessories and can be used with most manufacturers’ tracheotomy collars.

How Does Trach-Aide™ Work?

Is it positioned under the external portion of the tracheostomy tube and held in place at the base of the patient’s neck by hook and loop straps that attach to our tracheostomy tube collars.

Track-Aide’s soft, flexible design cradles the tracheostomy tube to greatly minimize side to side motion and eliminate almost all instances of downward angulation of the endotracheal portion of the tracheostomy tube.  By eliminating movement and downward angulation, Trach-Aide™ reduces the discomfort associated with endotracheal irritation that can lead to serious complications.

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