Marpac is devoted to providing the best in medical tube securement products for caretakers and their patients. We know you have a choice when it comes to securement devices—and we are confident you won’t find better value or quality anywhere else.

Innovative Products

Our products are designed with both caretaker and patient in mind: they’re easy to use and comfortable to wear.

From hospitals to long-term care facilities, the Marpac product line is a complete medical securement solution that includes:

Our broad line of products is customizable, work well with each other and can be used on the smallest of infants to the largest of adults. Contact us for complimentary product samples.

Fully Customizable

We are devoted to providing the right product for patient and caregiver. That’s why Marpac products are customizable for almost every situation and need. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives will work with you to create the medical securement device that fits you and your patient’s needs.

Made in the USA

At Marpac, we are proud to manufacture our products onsite at our facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Unlike our competitors, we do not outsource our manufacturing. This allows us to carefully control quality and ship most orders in 1 business day, including custom orders.

We work closely with respiratory therapists and the medical community to ensure our products lead the way in medical tube securement technology. It is our desire to make both patient care better and the healthcare provider’s job easier.

Call us at 800-334-6413 to learn more about Marpac medical securement devices.

Marpac: We Have Solutions for All of Your Needs